The 3 “Guys” Who Can Help You to Get the GMS License

GMS License

At Hatch, we receive inquiries almost every day from people looking for help to get the GMS License.

This is one of the main reasons why we decided to create a series of articles on GMS with the hope that it can bring a bit more clarity on the topic for Brands and Android Device Makers.

In our blog, we recently covered what the GMS License and Certification are, the requirements to get granted Google’s approval for GMS and what a GMS License really costs.

It is now time to introduce the people who can help you to obtain the certification.

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Who can apply to Google to get the GMS License for your brand?

That person is you and only you!

Google requires that you or someone from your company contact them directly to apply for GMS certification. Agencies are not allowed to apply for GMS certification on your behalf.

The basic steps when applying for GMS are as described below:

  • The applicant fulfills the online GMS Inquiry form.
  • Google will analyze your request, your company, and its product.
  • Particular attention is paid to the device that you want to certify, the size of your company, its financial power, its capacity of distribution, its history and/or the background of the CEO.
  • If Google decides that your company is qualified to be granted a GMS Licence you will be contacted by them (note that it can take a long time before they send you an answer… if they do).
  • If everything goes well the MADA (Mobile Application Distribution Agreement) is sent to you for you to complete.

This is where Google leaves you with no choice other than getting help from a third party, designated by them, to comply with the MADA requirements.

Who can help you to comply with the MADA requirements?

That’s the 3PL!

The 3PL is a company that is designated by Google to provide testing or support

services for Google Applications, and with whom Company has a separate signed

agreement to receive such services.

One of the essential points of the MADA is that you have the obligation to sign an agreement with a 3PL.

The 3PL will help with the following:

  • performing a series of tests (including the Android Compatibility Test Suite),
  • and providing all the support services for Google Applications.

Now the question is, how and where can you find a reliable 3PL designated by Google?

Who can help you to find the right 3PL?

Now that you have signed the MADA with Google you must find an authorized 3PL. As Google has to deal with a huge amount of inquiries, getting an answer from them is not that easy.

It is advised that you find a reliable ODM that knows where to find an authorized 3PL to partner with. The ODM can help you with your device Development and Manufacturing while managing the 3PL with whom they have a long term relationship. This will help ensure that the 3PL will do its job timely and accurately.

Obtaining the GMS License is not an easy task if you don’t fit Google’s expectation which is the case for a lot of device makers. Hopefully, you are a big electronic brand or a young startup with a disruptive product and have raised substantial investment. In such a case getting granted a GMS certification shouldn’t be too big of an issue.

If you are looking for the help of a reliable ODM to Develop, Manufacture and assist in your GMS certification, you are very welcome to contact us.

Feel free to ask questions about GMS in the comment section below, I will be happy to help.


What Is the Cost of a GMS License Certification?

Introduction note:

This summer we will tell you everything about GMS certification for Android Devices in 4 articles covering:


In the previous two articles about GMS we explained what the GMS licence and certification are and what the requirements are to get your device certified by Google. This article lets you know what obtaining Google Mobile Services Certification really costs.


In January 2014, the Guardian published an article claiming that Google was charging a few cents per phone that uses Google Mobile Services. The Guardian has since amended its story.


Indeed Google doesn’t charge OEMs for the attribution of the GMS License. However, obtaining the certificate from an authorised third party testing facility (or 3PL) will incur fees that are usually negotiated on a case by case basis.


Basically, the 3PL will charge you for the service they provide that includes the Android Compatibility Test or CTS. You should expect to pay $10k-15k per model for the 3PL to perform the tests.


If you are looking for obtaining a GMS License and get your Android Device Certified by Google, before hiring a 3PL you should consider the following:


  1. Make sure that the 3PL is authorized by Google.
  2. For each firmware upgrade you will need to redo the GMS testing thus paying the 3PL another time.
  3. Beware that passing the tests doesn’t guarantee that you get certified and you will still have to pay the 3PL who have performed the tests. The certification is granted at Google’s sole discretion.
  4. Only you can obtain the License from Google, be wary of those who promise to get you the License after you sign a manufacturing contract with him.


Hope this helps!


Feel free to share your knowledge of, or experiences with, the GMS License and certification with the other readers in the comment section below.


On my side, I will be happy, where possible, to go deeper into any part of this article that you felt interested in.