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When it comes to making a custom Android device Hatch uses our experience and resources to provide assistance throughout our relationship.

Hatch's goal is make your project go smoothly and we do whatever it takes to make you successful. For that reason Hatch shares valuable insights and introduces resources to make your product even better.

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Additional Services

Engineering Assessment

Clients who know exactly what they want from their product, but don’t know exactly how to get that done benefit from Hatch’s engineering assessment service. The engineering assessment service starts by reviewing the client’s product needs and breaking down where Hatch can help or where to go for the services Hatch doesn’t provide. The client will get introductions to Hatch’s network of reliable service providers or can find their own. For example product design, UI design, app programming, etc. Hatch also provides a clear hardware architecture based on the specific product needs. After the engineering assessment our client will have a clear path to move forward with their project.

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Firmware Optimization

Even after multiple rounds of prototype modifications and trial production, sometimes there are unforeseen firmware bugs or improvement opportunities that become clear after mass production. Hatch stays with you even after we ship your products. From the beginning of our relationship Hatch takes a long term view on our partnership and your success.

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Android OTA (Over The Air) Updates

Due to ongoing Android firmware security updates and modifications Hatch strongly recommends that our customers enable their devices with OTA capability. Hatch helps our customers engage with a third party OTA partner and implement a reliable OTA solution so your product can easily update itself in the field over WiFi or mobile data. This avoids having to manually update firmware on your devices and allows you to easily push firmware updates remotely. If you want to setup OTA on your own or find your own provider that’s OK too!

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Product Revisions

After a product has been released for a few years you may want to make a product revisions. For example taking the product from 4G to 5G or updating components to get better performance. Hatch utilizes retained knowledge from the initial product development to maintain the same key features special to your product while suggesting the best way to introduce improvements in a time and cost efficient manner.

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Other Services

Tooling Design

PBC Layout




Supply Chain Coordinator

Quality Control


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