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It takes a village.

We are by your side for the long run.

Hatch works as extension of your company.​

When it comes to making a custom Android device Hatch uses our experience and resources to provide assistance throughout our relationship.​ Hatch's goal is make your project go smoothly and we do whatever it takes to make you successful. For that reason Hatch shares valuable insights and introduces resources to make your product even better.​

Ask us when you have questions; we're happy to help or directly introduce you to someone who can.​

Engineering Assessment

Clients who know exactly what they want from their product, but don’t know what hardware is required to get that done benefit from Hatch’s engineering assessment service. The engineering assessment service delivers a complete product development road map. The map making process starts by reviewing the product’s use case and environment of use. Once this is clear Hatch proposes a specific hardware architecture for the project and identifies other important details for the client to be aware of before the project begins. Sometimes Hatch recommends not using Android if another platform is more suitable. Just as a ship’s navigation plan avoids rough seas and shallow waters which could sink the ship, a clear product development plan maximizes the chance of making a successful product. After the engineering assessment our client will have a clear path to move forward with their project.

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