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Development made simple.

Concept – Engineering – Reality

Hatch employs an organized plan, the right resources, and clear goals to deliver the results you want.

Hatch's delivers a turnkey solution for development and mass manufacturing of your special Android device. Our business model is designed to align Hatch's financial interests with yours, ensuring that throughout our relationship Hatch takes a stake in your success.

Defining Product Requirements

Clearly defining exactly what a product needs to do, how it should perform, what features it should have, what it should look like, etc… Each step of the development process is important, but making sure the initial stages are done correctly have more bearing on the success of a project than the later stages because it takes more back tracking to fix an early mistake than a later mistake. Some clients can do this on their own. Some need help. For clients that need help Hatch offers an engineering assessment service which includes defining product requirements.

Why choose us

Native English speaking account manger

Full service and fast product development

Located in Shenzhen, Global Center for tech product manufacturing

Strict quality requirements and customized quality checklist

Straight forward and high integrity company culture

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