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Manufacturing Process Flow

Purchase Materials

For the first production run of a new product materials usually get purchased in parallel with making the mold for mass production. These two tasks should start in parallel because their timing aligns with each other. When molds and materials are both done trial production can begin. Materials for Android products have different lead times. The longest lead time materials include the battery, charger, and PCBA, which take 30-35 days normally.

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Reconfirm Quality Control Requirements

Before assembly begins Hatch updates the Quality Control Protocol with any new quality issues that have come up since the last production run. By including these issues in the quality check protocol means the assembly line quality control staff will make sure to look out for this issue as will Hatch’s own quality control team. Quality is a never ending process that requires continuous improvement.

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Assemble Components

Assembly begins once materials arrive and pass incoming quality control checks. The assembly process includes putting together components and sub-assemblies, like the PCBA or camera module, checking quality, and then packing them. A standard 25-30 person production line produces around 2000 7” Android tablets in one day. Custom products will have different yields based on the complexity of manufacturing and quality check requirements.

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In-Factory Quality Control

Real quality control happens during the development process to ensure that a high quality product is designed correctly for mass production. Assuming the product is well designed avoiding and catching problems during mass production should be systematic. Once a product goes to mass production quality control checks take place when materials arrive to the factory, during assembly (on the production line), and once the final product is fully assembled. After the factory signs off on the quality Hatch will send its own team to inspect the goods. Often Hatch’s team finds issues that have been overlooked and require extra attention.

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Hatch can handle all aspects of shipping including collecting the goods at the factory, sending via courier, air freight, or sea freight, customs clearance in China as well as destination country. Flexible logistics options are available for the most time and cost effective safe delivery of products. Clients have the option to handle shipping on their own as well. (5 days to 6 weeks depending on shipping method and destination)

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Other Services

Tooling Design

PBC Layout





Product Line Management

Brand Identity Maintenance

Product Innovation

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