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We share one same goal: Going to Mass Production.

For this reason "Prototype only" service is not provided.

For clients who need mass production we offer full development, and manufacturing service, including prototypes, small batch trial production, and, ultimately, mass production.




Please start by sending an email. Afterwards we can move the conversation to a chat app.


This is such a good question we wrote a blog post to answer it.
Hatch offers full engineering development services including prototypes and small volume trial production to clients who have a mass production order (generally a minimum of 5-10k pieces). If you’ve done development elsewhere Hatch could possibly help with your manufacturing, but won’t help with just development.

The best projects for Hatch are the ones with many details. Clear parameters are setup from day one to outline your product requirements and delivery timelines. Then Hatch goes to work. Through weekly, daily, or sometimes hourly communication, your relationship with Hatch evolves. We are a small company and your dedicated project manager, who has a complete view on your project, is easily reachable by email, chat, or phone.​

Hatch prefers new projects with a volume of at least 10k pieces, but we are often flexible on this and accept smaller quantities depending on the nature of the client and project. Usually 5k pcs is the bottom limit to make a project economically viable for Hatch and the client.​

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The Hatch team is responsive to your needs and we work around the clock when necessary. We act as an extension of your business, ensuring that all aspects of the product continue to meet your expectations not only in the first release, but for years to come.

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