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Careful Hardware Production
For World Changing Project

From prototyping to mass manufacturing and delivery.
We simplify your journey.

If your hardware project involves
the Android operating system,
you are at the right place!

Detailed steps undertaken to bring your custom Android project to life appear by clicking on the links below.
Further down the page learn about Hatch’s general principles of engagement and partnership.

We do

We do

We do
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"Quality is not an act, it is a habit."

- Aristote

Reliability means everything

Just like Hatch’s products, reliability and integrity are part of our DNA. Direct and prompt communication facilitates overcoming challenges together. Even the most difficult decisions are better solved as a team.

You can count on Hatch. Our commitment to reliability throughout development and manufacturing turn dreams to reality.

Turnkey Custom Android Development and Manufacturing

Since 2012 Hatch has served as an outsourced Custom Android product design and manufacturing resource for our clients. We bring projects from concept to mass production, and that’s all we do. To focus all our energy on our clients and ensure positive results Hatch doesn’t offer any of our services individually.

Hatch cares about our clients’ success; our success depends on it.

Hatch operates similarly to a general contractor by uniting specialized teams of experts.

After many years manufacturing Custom Android devices, we have the right team in place to make yours.

Hatch gives you a bespoke team of specialized resources for custom electronics, firmware customization, component selection, module integration, casing design, mechanical design and engineering, certifications, tooling, plastic injection, product supply chain, product specific quality control, and assembly.

Your business is based on quality. Hatch's business is based on delivering it.

Hatch ensures your product receives the greatest care in its development and manufacturing. Delivering a quality product starts on day one, before there’s even a product.

Quality products come from detailed written communication between all parties, understanding how and where a product is used, and extensive testing.

Got a question?
Make sure to contact us.

We will be glad to help you out.

Hatch employs an organized plan,
the right resources and clear
goals to deliver the results you want.

High Level of Integrity

Teamwork and accountability have been the defining characteristics of all our successful manufacturing relationships. Integrity is the foundation Hatch is built on.

Clear Communication

Our international account managers allow for clear communication and avoid anything getting ‘lost in translation'.

Expertise & Experience

Expect a lot of usability and technical questions about your product. Whether we can learn from you or vice versa put Hatch's years of experience to work for you.

Fast Exceution

Time is money! Hatch delivers fast and reliable Android development with a seamless transition to mass production manufacturing, saving you time and money.

Based in Shenzhen

We are located in Shenzhen, the electronics manufacturing capital of the world, so we can act fast with our partners and closely analyze any evolution in the industry.

Quality Control at
Every Step

Quality controls are in place at every step of Hatch's involvement because real quality comes from planning for it from the beginning, not just checking at the end.

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