The Integration Company

Integration Company

What is an Integration Company

An integration company sometimes known as a system integrator integrates the complete supply chain solution and, in the smartphone industry, has their own casing designs.

An integration company will work with a client from the beginning of a project as early as the initial R&D stages and take responsibility for putting together the details of the project for a client.  An integration company also designs their own products and then offers those products to clients ‘off the shelf’ with no further development work required. They will work with the client on all aspects of development from packaging design to individual component pricing to shipping and basic branding and marketing strategy.

An integration company will simultaneously work on development and manufacturing which can speed up time to delivery. Through a better understanding of design for manufacturing, a integration company can quickly turn concepts into scalable mass production at the best possible price. With an extra layer of quality control from the integration company, assembly factories are forced to make more effort to produce higher quality products because there is an additional level of checking before the goods can ship.

Overall an integration company bring together all the elements of the supply chain to give a client tight control of price and quality with fewer barriers compared to what they might otherwise find going it alone.