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Shenzhen, Manufacturing Hub Of China

Shenzhen, the manufacturing hub of China, where companies go to make a fortune or lose millions. Learn the many advantages of establishing a business in this busy tech city.

To the novice, Shenzhen is a busy tech city churning out electronic gizmos by the zillion. Once upon a time, not long back, it was a small village in the hinterland of China.  This magical transformation happened in the past thirty years and now Shenzhen is bulging at the seams with more than 14 or 16 million population, depending on where you look up the figures. This is where the beauty of this city lies – no one really knows what’s happening out here. How many factories? What is the revenue? Where do worker ants come from? What do these people really feel? However, one thing is for sure. Shenzhen is the world’s hub of electronics manufacturing. From the big name like Apple, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Foxconn, to the smaller shady and dingy places, Shenzhen is spilling over with factories of all hue. If you are planning to set up a manufacturing unit in Shenzhen, you will neither be the first nor the last. Businesses have made fortunes and have also lost millions in this city of semiconductors. Success here depends a lot on how you go about the business. There are fly-by-night operators on the hunt for gullible investors. There are genuine factories waiting to help you become successful. This is Shenzhen for you.

What’s Special about Shenzhen?

There are many advantages to establishing a business in this city. It is geographically close to Hong Kong which greatly facilitates and excellent connectivity with the outside world. Students from American, European and other communities from abroad regularly commute to Hong Kong for schooling. It’s a port city with a fully developed and modern shipping infrastructure. Transportation of finished goods is therefore simple and economical.

The special status enjoyed by Shenzhen is its biggest attraction.  The city is China’s first Special Economic Zone or SEZ and is bestowed with extraordinary economic status accorded by the Communist party of China. Entrepreneurs and businesses are given tax exemptions and other privileges to attract foreign investment.

Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial Park is well known for Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals,   Electronics, and Telecommunications equipment manufacturing. This is not an exhaustive list by any standards. Shenzhen Software Park is a part of this huge infrastructure.

Shenzhen’s Conducive Business Environment

The reason why big and small enterprises from around the world choose Shenzhen is because the facilities for design, manufacture, packaging and distribution are available here in one single location. Government subsidies and incentives mean that your product can be manufactured at   low cost while adhering to quality standards. The only precaution you must take is to avoid suspicious and unbelievable offers by unknown persons or manufacturing units.


The bugle call to this gargantuan piece of electronic wonder is clear and emphatic. Businessmen and entrepreneurs for all over the world and from every walk of life are creating wealth for themselves and for others by coming to Shenzhen and setting up their manufacturing units here. Most of them carry nothing more than mere ideas and sketches drawn on the back of paper napkins. This is not an exaggeration but a daily fact of life in Shenzhen. What you require are good partners and reliable suppliers to bring your dreams to life.


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