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From Buttons to Touch Screens… Find Out What’s Next!

Why 3D will revolutionize the tablet

When considering how to distinguish your product from your competitors many factors come into play like price, quality and features. How can you stand out and how can you be the next big seller? Being dominant in one of these fields can help your sales, but why not try to take the lead and be dominant in an emerging field?   3D technology is continuing to evolve and is now at a stage where it is being integrated into consumer products. This has made the UI space really exciting and is somewhere smart devices can take advantage of. Microchips GestIC technology takes a new approach to 3D gesture control and uses E-field electro magnetics, is low cost and with some basic implementation will turn your smart device into a truly unique UI experience.

Over 40 years ago when Microsoft launched the mouse, it revolutionized the way in which humans communicated with the PC: Then, 15 years later, touch technology was introduced to the mass market and continues to dominate the way we interact with our devices. 3D is the logical step forward in the interaction evolution. Now is the time for these new developments to happen and its the companies today that innovate that will be the leaders in the future.

Check out Microchips concept Windows 8 keyboard one of thousands of different uses for this 3D gesture technology.

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