Android Manufacturing:
The 8 Crucial Stages Of Production

See what lies ahead!

Step 1

Project Requirements

Beside describing your product's functionality, it's helpful and important for you to share specifications, the current stage of development of your project and the forecast order quantity. Note that you must have a confirmed volume forecast in order to get an accurate quotation. Other information like your company background and your distribution channels are relevant too.

Step 2

Agreement and Quotation Before Production

A unit cost is provided in the quotation based on development requirements, product specifications, and forecast quantity. The quote combines development charges and unit cost. Your volume forecast must be confirmed before signature of the contract as the unit cost is based on this forecast. Future deposits are computed based on the total order value. At this point agreeing on a milestone and payment schedule with the partner you choosed is a must. It will help both parties to prepare the financial resources with a clear milestones in mind.

Step 3

Prototype Development​

Prototyping allows you to review high-quality samples of your product before the costly and time-consuming process of opening a mold and the mass production start.​

Step 4

Shipping Working Prototype to
Client For Review And Feedback.

The working prototype is shipped to you for review. You send us your feedbacks and requests for modification. Once the modification are made and your expectation satisfied you give your validation to start the next step: making the mold.

Step 5

Mold Production, Testing And
Validation. License And Cetification

Production of a mold is required only if a custom case is needed, otherwise we'll source an existing case for your product. Meanwhile, whether certifications (FCC, CE, Bluetooth, Wifi, Android Compatibility tests etc) are required (which get done after mold is finished), the process to obtain it starts.

Step 6

Mass Production: Short-Run Trial Production.

In order to make sure that everything goes smoothly, a trial mass production is launched imminently after the mold is finished, tested and validated. Trial production is an added part to mass production that happens only during the first mass production run of a product that is being made for the first time. This is the case for any custom Android device. After this stage the project is ready for the mass production phase of your project.

Step 7

Mass Production: Manufacturing And Assembling

At this stage of the process, the mold has been produced and the trial mass production has been performed successfully. The real mass production can start. Before any mass production begins there’s another deposit to be made. Its level depends on the quantity being produced.

Step 8

Hardware Devices are Shipped

After the mass production is over, your products are ready to be sent to their destination. Before the shipping occurs, the balance payment for the Android devices is made.

If you see this icon on the top right corner of a stage it signifies that
a quality check is performed during or right after the phase occurs.

Here is a more detailed review of the Custom Android Product Development and Manufacturing Process.

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