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A product development and manufacturing company focused on the development and manufacturing of custom Android hardware, Hatch exists for the purpose of making sure your industry, life, and world changing ideas do just that.

Our mission

Hatch’s mission is giving clients security and confidence when getting their products manufactured in order to focus on growing their business.

Who We Are

Hatch is a unique Shenzhen based employee owned company that combines the intimate service of a local supplier with the flexibility and resources of a China based supplier.

Hatch was founded by Benjamin Dolgin-Gardner, whose career in consumer electronics began in 2004, while still in college, when he spent three weeks touring electronics factories in southern China before starting a brand of consumer electronics products in the US.

What We Do

Hatch develops and manufactures digital electronics tailored specifically for individual clients. We bring products from concept to market with reliability and speed.


Founded in 2006, Hatch (originally Shenzhen CE and IT Limited), was at the front lines of manufacturing high volume consumer electronics. Our customers wanted to access China's leading infrastructure for product development, competitive pricing, and manufacturing while having transparency and control of product development and manufacturing.

In 2015 Hatch evolved from high volume commodity manufacturing to focus on making custom tailored products. This change allowed Hatch to add our passion to more interesting and critical projects. Since then Hatch has been helping bold and visionary clients reap benefits from the most profound infrastructure of tech hardware engineering and manufacturing resources in the world.

Hatch sits on top of the supply chain by integrating all the constituents that play a role in making products come to life from design engineers to final assembly. What a general contractor is to making a building Hatch is to making electronics products. We work directly with multiple layers of technology sub suppliers to ensure each key component integrates correctly and meets the parameters to deliver the finished product requirements.
That often means helping to raise the quality and manufacturing standards that many sub suppliers hold themselves to. The end result is a finished product that embodies what our clients want to share with the world.

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